Tropea – the land of sun, sand, sea and the sights

Titled as “Dove nessuno รจ straniero” in Italian, it means – where no one is a foreigner; and how true that is – the picturesque village of Tropea truly makes you feel at home. So where is Tropea located?! Perched atop a hill in Calabria – popularly referred to as the toe of the bootContinue reading “Tropea – the land of sun, sand, sea and the sights”

Savoca – the village from “The Godfather”

While you may recognise Savoca from the iconic movie “The Godfather”, did you know that Savoca is also a part of The Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy? Yes that’s right, and this village truly is one of most beautiful villages of Italy! Perched on a hilltop, this Sicilian hamlet offers spectacular panoramicContinue reading “Savoca – the village from “The Godfather””

Lecce – the epitome of Baroque architecture

To call Lecce the “Florence of the South”, is actually an understatement to describe the mesmerising beauty of this Baroque city. Located in the Puglia region of Italy, Lecce being the main city of the Salento peninsula and the capital city of the province of Lecce, not only epitomises the Baroque architecture, but has soContinue reading “Lecce – the epitome of Baroque architecture”

Noto – not just the most beautiful Sicilian Baroque town; it’s a feeling!

So here we are, writing about Noto. This one about the beautiful Baroque town of Noto comes straight from the heart! One of the eight UNESCO world heritage towns of Val di Noto, Noto is the most beautiful Baroque town of Val di Noto. And moreover, Noto is a feeling – you either get itContinue reading “Noto – not just the most beautiful Sicilian Baroque town; it’s a feeling!”

Bologna – the city of arcades

Bologna – the university capital of Italy, the city that is home to the first medical university in the Western world, the city that is synonymous with architecture, art, music, creativity, history and culture, the city that is famous as the gastronomic capital of Italy and housed in the most renowned gastronomic region of ItalyContinue reading “Bologna – the city of arcades”

Stilo – the city of the Sun

While we’ve visited a few borghi in Italy, the borgo of Stilo is one of my favourites. You may wonder, “Well, what is a borgo/borghi in the first place, and secondly, where on earth is Stilo?!” So, we’ll first address that, before diving into what makes Stilo unique and beautiful. A borgo: A borgo isContinue reading “Stilo – the city of the Sun”

Catania and Mt. Etna

The 2nd largest city of Sicily, blessed with the views of the volcanic Mt. Etna on one side and the Ionian sea offering beaches on the other; and having an airport that facilitates air traffic from almost all of Europe’s major cities – does one need more reasons to visit Catania?! From the first sightContinue reading “Catania and Mt. Etna”

Venice & The Venetian Lagoon

Venice, Murano, Burano, Torcello Yes, I’m writing about Venice and the islands in the Venetian lagoon. Venice is special for me because it was the first ever long solo trip that I was taking. It was also the first long trip that I was taking in Italy. Who knew then that I’d fall in loveContinue reading “Venice & The Venetian Lagoon”