Tropea – the land of sun, sand, sea and the sights

Titled as “Dove nessuno รจ straniero” in Italian, it means – where no one is a foreigner; and how true that is – the picturesque village of Tropea truly makes you feel at home. So where is Tropea located?! Perched atop a hill in Calabria – popularly referred to as the toe of the bootContinue reading “Tropea – the land of sun, sand, sea and the sights”

Lecce – the epitome of Baroque architecture

To call Lecce the “Florence of the South”, is actually an understatement to describe the mesmerising beauty of this Baroque city. Located in the Puglia region of Italy, Lecce being the main city of the Salento peninsula and the capital city of the province of Lecce, not only epitomises the Baroque architecture, but has soContinue reading “Lecce – the epitome of Baroque architecture”