Tropea – the land of sun, sand, sea and the sights

Titled as “Dove nessuno รจ straniero” in Italian, it means – where no one is a foreigner; and how true that is – the picturesque village of Tropea truly makes you feel at home. So where is Tropea located?! Perched atop a hill in Calabria – popularly referred to as the toe of the bootContinue reading “Tropea – the land of sun, sand, sea and the sights”

Savoca – the village from “The Godfather”

While you may recognise Savoca from the iconic movie “The Godfather”, did you know that Savoca is also a part of The Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy? Yes that’s right, and this village truly is one of most beautiful villages of Italy! Perched on a hilltop, this Sicilian hamlet offers spectacular panoramicContinue reading “Savoca – the village from “The Godfather””

Stilo – the city of the Sun

While we’ve visited a few borghi in Italy, the borgo of Stilo is one of my favourites. You may wonder, “Well, what is a borgo/borghi in the first place, and secondly, where on earth is Stilo?!” So, we’ll first address that, before diving into what makes Stilo unique and beautiful. A borgo: A borgo isContinue reading “Stilo – the city of the Sun”