Upcoming Events in Italy – Art and Cultutre


  • Sant’Orso Fair, Aosta – the 1000 year old woodcarving and handicrafts fair, accompanied by food, wine, and music
    Official website – http://www.fieradisantorso.it/#null
  • Palio di Siena, Siena – a notable horse racing competition, dating back to 1701
  • Carnevale, Venice – the renowned carnival needs no introduction!
  • Carnevale, Oristano and the rest of Sardinia – the carnival of Sardinia, characterised by horse races, ghostly masks, traditional costumes and bonfires
  • Feast of Sant’Agata, Catania – one of the most followed religious feasts in the world
  • Historical Regatta, Venice – a famous boat parade and boat racing, rowing competition held in the canals of Venice
  • Natale di Roma, Rome – 21st of April is the birthday of this magnanimous, beautiful and eternal city of Rome. This day is marked with street plays and parades depicting Roman empire characters and celebrations gallore


  • Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia – a festival for the lovers of jazz music
  • Arena Opera Festival, Verona – internationally recognised Opera festival
  • Venice International Film Festival, Venice – this world renowned film festival which sees attendance of the A-list Hollywood and international celebrities needs no introduction
  • La Notte della Taranta, Lecce and the region of Salento – a folk music festival dedicated to the revival and promotion of the “pizzica”, the typical music from Salento, Puglia
  • Barcolana, Trieste – the largest sailing race in the world with more than 2500 participants, enough said!
  • TAOBUK, Taormina – Taormina Book Festival, which is enriched by a program of exhibitions, theatrical performances, dance recitals ngand cinematographic retrospectives, awards, etc.
  • Nastri d’Argento or Taormina Arte, Taormina – running it’s 75th edition, Taormina Arte is a festival dedicated to the arts of theater, dance, music, opera and cinema
  • Infiorata, Noto – Infiorata is a flower art festival. While these are held at many places across Italy, the biggest and the most renowned flower art festival is held in Noto, Sicily

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